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La Barque Acide


Carla Carnerero 


Born in Valladolid, Spain. Since she was a child, carla has always felt an attraction for artistic practices. She studied at the fine arts school in salamanca. After university, she continued her research at the vertigo circus school in turin (italy). She then trained at le lido in diabolo. Motivated by juggling and the body as tools for an emotional language, carla developed her work in olot (spain) with iris ziordia. Recognized for her innovative pedagogical research between juggling and emotions

Marcelo Nunes



Marie Vanpoulle


Born in Nantes. France. At the age of 18, marie set foot on the wire and encountered the world of the circus - until then, she thought that the circus was only for the children of dark trapeze artists and fiery fakirs. She trained at the circus school in bordeaux, amiens and toulouse. In 2021, she joined the cie la migration and a created a cabaret project under a big top. Beyond the apparatus, the balance that marie develops on the wire becomes a leitmotiv that she finds magically and dangerously in her life choices.

Born in São Paulo. Brazil, marcelo began circus at the age of 10, through the practice of clowning and acrobatics. In 2009, he joined the professional training of the enc (national circus school of rio de janeiro, brazil). In 2016, after two years of work as a circus teacher, he began theprofessional training of le lido.


Trapeze / Fakir / Clown 

Maristella Tesio

Born in Carmagnola - Turin. Italy, after a degree in anthropology and a youth spent playing rugby, maristella discovered the circus at the age of 23 and obtained her circus diploma at the turin circus school, la flic, in 2015. She trained at le lido in toulouse and graduated in 2018. Founder and artist of the fabbrica c collective, maristella is currently creating with phonophobia and collaborating with cirque pardi! On the rouge nord project.

Hand Balancer / Acrobat

Steph Mouat

Born in Riddells Creek. A rural town in Australia. She trained at NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts Australia). She then PERFORMED with Circus Oz for a while before FINISHING HER CIRCUS TRAINING AT LELIDO. She now works with Square Head Productions on The Exhibition Project, as well as La Barque Acide.


Léo Roussolet

Juggler/Toaster Expert


Karita Tikka


Aidan Rolinson-Rainford


Born in Caen, France. Léo studied music at the universities of rennes 2, prague and paris 8, where he obtained his master's degree in music and sound creation. In 2015, as soon as he graduated, he worked for a year at la maison des jonglages before entering the professional training at le centre des arts du cirque de toulouse: le lido, where he perfected and broadened his juggling practice, which he has been practicing since theage of 14.

Simon Bournouf


Born in Le Havre - grew up in Nouméa. New caledonia. Simon specialises in cigar boxes. He started juggling at the age of 11 at the circus school of new caledonia. This school accompanied him in his choice to study in professional schools. Once in france, he entered the regional centre for circus arts in lomme (crac - 2013-201). Simon went on to the lyon circus school (ecl - 2014-2016) and finished his training at le lido in 2018.


Born in Seinäjoki, in a wild forest in Finland, karita started acrobatics at the age of 6. From her life on the farm, she joined the theatre (suomen teatteriopisto 2012) where the wind took her to a circus school in Finland (koulutuskeskus salpaus 2015). After years of theatrical and creative work, Karita finished the Lido training in 2018. She is a member of the companies duo karold and duo Phonophobia, She is also a performer in the companie d'Elles.


Born in Leeds. ENGLAND. "a jack of all trades, master of none". At the age of 12 years old, Aidan was suddenly transformed into a Fakir and by the age of 24 he was swallowing swallowing swords. Before Lido, he trained at Circomedia specialising in juggling in Bristol. He is also part of the company Terrible for President

Aidan has always approached the world with a surreal and eccentric view of reality...

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